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Comparison of LED Letters and Punching Letters


The features of Light box Letters:

storefront sign

1, the letter is bright and eye-catching at night (install a new type of ultra-bright light source, long service life).

2, the color is bright (any acrylic sheet is arbitrarily selected, the panel color can be combined freely).

3, strong stereo style.

4. Long-lasting effect: The panel of acrylic light box is made of “single” material. The weather resistance, fixation and light transmission of acrylic materials greatly exceed other light box materials.

5. Green environmental protection can be completely recycled and reused, so it is regarded as a green advertising expression for the 21st century. Acrylic plastic letters are composed of acrylic plastic panel, luminous box body and luminous letter source (LED). LED blistering has become a fashion in the marking industry. The reason is that LEDs have the following characteristics compared to other light sources:

1. It can be bent and folded, and can be placed arbitrarily according to fonts or complex logos;
2. The special power supply is low-voltage power supply, safe, no need for waterproof sealing, and even can be directly immersed in water;
3. Extremely energy-efficient, energy consumption is only one-tenth of that of neon lights, and the savings in electricity costs can offset manufacturing costs;
4. Long life, up to 100,000 hours. Maintenance free, free of replacement;
5. Good weather resistance, adapt to -45 ° C -85 ° C environment. No matter the wind, frost, snow, or cold, the weather is high, the color is elegant, the color is soft, and the penetration is strong.

store signs

The features of punching letters:

business signs

1. Uniform illumination, not limited by the size of the strokes.

2. Waterproof, energy-saving and safe, the LED Letter has low power consumption. It is safer because of the low output voltage.

3. Not limited by size: the exposed letters are generally bent by plasma cutting, so they are not limited by the size of the machine. Not splicing, more beautiful.

4. Not limited by the color: the exposed luminous letter can be painted into a variety of colors, the light that needs to be lit at night, the light of which color is bright, and the large characters are high from the ground, during the day, the LED is exposed. The lights are not obvious.

5. Easy to maintain: Although LED lights are rarely bad, if you encounter poor contact or special conditions, you need to repair. The exposed word of the LED only needs to be lifted to the bad position of the billboard, and the broken lamp can be pulled out from the front.

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